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Monday, December 26, 2011

Laptop Keyboards Dislike Coffee...Just Sayin'!

Other then dumping half a cup of coffee into my add on keyboard to my has been a rather good day. And thank goodness it was an old, cheap extra keyboard and NOT the keyboard to my computer that I trashed. Perhaps things are turning a corner here after all.

I will admit that after the holidays, with my sister's family and all the distractions that go along with entertaining company have mind had turned to the thought of my biopsy and stomach scope tomorrow morning. Actually it was CANCER and the prospect that I may have it that is dominating my thoughts this evening. It has been helpful that Kimmi is here and going with me tomorrow.

I'm not obsessing or anything but the idea of cancer certainly entered my mind. I've had a chat with the CREATOR and all the forces man and nature cannot influence HIM if his mind is set in a certain direction. I can practice acceptance to his will and I do. Tomorrow will bring what it brings and after looking at my life up to this point and having seen how God can make a positive out of the most HORRIFIC negative situation...who am I to doubt or complain.

After midnight...I have to fast so I am going to enjoy some left-overs in the mean time and just try and rest. Needless to say I am not at all well, health-wise tonight. I had to back out of my commitment to the jail again'd hard because once we are back with the inmates there isn't much of a chance to do basic things like use the bathroom which is an issue for a guy who goes to the bathroom like every twenty minutes or so...

Well...time for left-over turkey and a shower (not together of course!) and then watch the New Orleans Saints and my boy Drew Brees. Hey...if anyone is inclined, I sure would appreciate your thoughts and prayers tonight. I've learned the power the comes with prayer and I truly believe so

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