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Friday, December 2, 2011

Frequent Visitor: ACOD

Yes my dear, DEAR Reader....I am feeling a bit more self-conscience about the kind of the language I use. On Thanksgiving Day I was feeling all giddy and OH so clever about the post title that I came up with before I realized that I had posted: Ass Crack 'O Dawn-Thanksgiving 2011 on Thanksgiving day when all my relatives and everyone else I knew would be "tuning" in to check out this "new thing" Thom has been doing. 

I was a tad embarrassed I suppose but not really that much...I actually thought it was funny but the reality is that I have made a personal choice in my life to tone my language down so having the words "Ass Crack" appear prominently as a post title of a blog was not something I really had wanted to  do.

So I am using an abbreviation today for Ass Crack Of Dawn: ACOD. Because it feels like I m up at the Ass Crack Of Dawn, dang-it, tee hee...I know it's goofy yet what can I do...I am goofy at times.

I am really looking forward to another day today. I see my Doctor of of 27 years today and I will bounce off him some of the stuff I have been going through the past year or will give me an all important opportunity to look back and see in hindsight how far I have actually come in my recovery and yes, even with my health in general.

Then after that Noon appointment, it's time to hang out with loved one's like Kim's daughter this weekend. We are staying in a place that has a great pool so we are hoping she will have a buddy who wants to come swim for awhile then go hand have some Chinese for dinner. 

When Kim and I first me, Mackaroo was just 5  and like her Mum...she had not had much "exotic" (translate: Not meat and potatoes) kinds of food and tended to be fussy anyway but she just LOVED I'm hoping she still does. 

Then I was hoping to maybe see my son for a coffee and some chatter but he is so bloody busy hese days I doubt that will happen but here's to, POSITIVE thinking.

So here's to another great day on the planet....

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