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Monday, December 19, 2011

Update, Upset...Up All Night

Ahhh yes, I get to start my week going to the doctor's of my favorite things EVER! Err...Not really. But actually this scenario today is fine by me because these medical issues that I am experiencing are un-resolved and as I posted yesterday things aren't going very well.

And like magic...4 hours have past and I am back from my appointments and ready to get some lunch and crash...well "crash" to whatever extent my body allows me to I guess is how I should phrase that. I am exhausted and no exaggeration...that is how weary I feel. It's no longer funny because I just feel really sick and I can hardly function.

So I am going to eat and rest and hopefully be ready to read at the jail service tonight for the Christmas Service...

I am truly pushing my physical and psychological limits today and I honestly do NOT like the way I am feeling so let's see if I can't get a little rest and try and be a little better by "jail time"...

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