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Friday, December 9, 2011

Can't Go Where There's No Flow...

A cold, crisp evening at nightfall. We just dragged the Christmas Tree into the house and have it set up by the fireplace. NICE! 

K-Sue is here for a couple of days as she is down here in Coldwater to put in some job applications and do at least one interview if not more. All we can do is let her do the footwork then have a little faith but this has been really frustrating....

I'm ready to take me tired old bones out for a walk...even though it's 30 degrees with a bit of a lake breeze outside. These are the kind of things K and I don't get to do on a regular basis and I really miss that..

I have alluded to this in a few posts recently but as of late, posts and posts subjects are NOT flowing out of me very smoothly and I think that I am beginning to force them a bit. I really don't want to do that, I think it hurts the post content/quality but on the other hand the stated point of the blog is to catch my day in "real-time" so that suggests I post no matter if it's forced or not so I am walking on some thin ice here in knowing what's best for the blog.

I long ago put my vanity away when I started working on Shell Shock Serenade. The subject matter and topics are so personal but that is the only way I could do what I was trying to do and capture some real credibility with the readers...especially any reader who might also be an addict/alcoholic or rape survivor.

I am also not a professional writer nor was I even an experienced writer when I started this endeavor...Needless to say I have a bit of experience now that I've written 1,074 posts and counting! So I just focused on capturing TRUTH, my TRUTH....and the MOMENT. Sometimes it's MAGIC and that really works magnificently...other times it's CRAP and it doesn't really work at all and it comes across as forced. Each and every post is a crap-shoot really but that is a huge part of the fun.

So I'll just keep writing what ever comes into my heart and mind and we'll accept that as how it's meant to be...

(PHOTO: Kathy Tomson)

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