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Saturday, December 3, 2011

WEEDS (life)

Night-fall, the first Saturday evening in December and there is still a smidgen of snow on the ground with temps in the low 30's. My mood is sort of like this early Winter's evening...silent and still, but with a quiet intensity generated from within to repel the cold out doors that almost HUMS, audibly.

This, my friends is life struggle with out the glossy, big drama problem like alcoholism or a divorce for everyone to see and focus in on. No this is the REAL LIFE, lots of little issues...out of sight to most people, building up inside and just weighing down my heart, dragging around my enthusiasm for a few laps through the mud and manure of life.

Nothing to truly get discouraged about but my everyday issues...I would imagine like everyone else's can still affect one's mood.

I often will feel like I have so many issues on my mind that I am juggling, standing on a tight-rope with out as safety net...THAT is exactly how I feel at this moment with the added addition of sheer exhaustion thrown in for good measure. It s a struggle this evening....pure and simple.

Currently uncertainty is the most troubling problem right now. Not knowing about Kim's circumstance and having trouble making any real progress in our plan to re-locate her to this area. We don't have any more options at moment and that lack of movement forward is what discourages me the most. It is my biggest stumbling block to serenity....                                                                                                                                     

              (PHOTO: Kathy Tomson)                          

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