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Saturday, December 24, 2011

YEA...I'm Smiling Now.

Man, I'm telling 'ya...I'm not sure what to think here. Around noon I closed my eyes for 50 minutes or so. That is about the best I can do these days and I obviously nodded off a bit and when I woke up to have a pee, I was really groggy and lethargic like I had slept all night. I was typically agitated because I was really counting on perhaps sleeping a bit better then I had so I was disappointed. But I will admit, after a shower and a bite to eat...I feel much better then I expected. I was hoping I might catch a second wind and it looks like I actually might...

That's particularly nice because we have company staying here and I'd like to be a fairly lucid and friendly, I am going to church on Christmas Eve for the first time since 1974 and I am going to have to drive to Battle Creek tonight to get K-Sue around Mid-night so I'd rather not nod off and DIE on the way there!

I think my spirits are on more solid ground as well...I know that I can't really do anything about this except try to sleep and eat healthy which I am doing. So we just persevere...when ever I use that word it reminds me of the movie: Outlaw Josie Wales with Clint Eastwood.  Lone Watie the main Indian character in the story is recounting to Josie (Eastwood) how the government in Washington had given them special medals to wear for being "good Indians" and on the medal it said" Endeavor to Persevere" that is what I think of when ever I use the word persevere. Come to think of it I also am reminded of it when I use the word endeavor as well..hahaha.

Night has fallen in most of Europe and the UK by now and Christmas is fast approaching. I have a great many SSS Blog Readers in Europe and I would be remiss if I didn't wish them a very Merry Christmas...I appreciate you all very, very much.

Now I am really in a good mood because "Wales" is by far my favorite movie of all time and thinking about it really at any time of day will make me smile and yep...I'm smiling now.

So my friends in Europe and the UK...Merry Christmas and have a wonderful and joyous night. And here in the States...things in the shopping realm are dying down, stores are closing and the holiday begins....Bless all of you my friends and thank you for returning to this craz, beautiful little means a great deal to me.

I love each and every one of you...Peace Always,


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  1. Thor,

    Merry Christmas from Manchester.

    Hope you have a good one.

    Mind of Mine