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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another World

I had no idea that the original idea for Rod Serling's Twilight Zone came from his experience in Rochester, MN and the Mayo Clinic. Just kidding of course (I think) but it's the second time in just a few short days that I have felt like I have stepped into another world.

This is a strange life, living across the street from a hospital and Clinic where you go every day for testing and treatment. My whole life right now is totally geared to getting this stuff done. Honestly I couldn't have set this up in a more efficient manner if I tried.

My friends back home have absolutely taken care of my cat ZOE and the home front so I have no worries there at ALL. Can't really tell you how reassuring that is. I have already mentioned the many ways that the Mayo Clinic has been special so I won't repeat them here. It is just strange to get up in the morning and my treatment is all that matters. That is what is impossible to achieve at home, that total focus.

Today is lightly scheduled with appointments but from mid-afternoon on the prep begins for the Colonoscopy early tomorrow so I'll pretty much have to stay in my room after that. We will spend the remainder of the morning trying to fit in the appointments scheduled for April 5 and 12. The system is set up where you can go and get on a stand by list for appointments and that is what I have to do for those 3 appointments...unless I want to come back in a few weeks. So lot's of time in waiting rooms today.

So the morning will be interesting yet boring and the afternoon/evening will not be fun, if you've ever done Prep for one of these tests then you know what I mean! So off we go again for another days adventure in the medical Twi-light Zone...

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