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Sunday, March 6, 2011


I've always had a rather strange relationship with words. I'm not sure exactly how to describe what I mean by that other then to say that they always seemed to affect me more intensely then they should have. Words, for me...even as a young boy had power, a lot of power.

I suspect I always was fascinated by words because I was always a earliest memories always include significant books, poems and even comic books I was reading.

I think the next really significant relationship i had with words was related to music. I like many young folks was absolutely taken away with music, I still am as a matter of fact. Well song lyrics became another huge influence and I was always attracted to music that had really interesting lyrics: bands like The Doors, Beatles, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and the list goes on and on.

But reading books and lingering on interesting words was always my first passion. I think that is why I find writing Shell Shock Serenade so satisfying...It most certainly provides and emotional outlet to discuss what has happened to me and what is still going on in my life. But it also allows me to share that difficult as that can be with others who would never get to hear it otherwise.

Lastly...writing this blog as tapped in to a deep desire to create...something, some type of art and I believe that writing has become that passion.

It certainly hasn't been easy and writing doesn't come naturally to me. I think most folks can tell that I have no professional or educational background in writing or English for that matter. My interest and what ability I have is really come from reading and my passionate interest in words.

I'll confess that I am still rather surprised that I have really become as involved in posting on Shell Shock as I have. It has become a real joy for me. Not that I like digging deep into my emotional recesses to continually bring up painful memories but doing so has been incredibly rewarding on many levels.

Most everything that I have posted were things I already knew about myself, with a few exceptions where writing a post sparked a memory I hadn't remembered before. Yet the funny thing is by actually sitting down and committing those thoughts and feelings to the written word I discovered much deeper meanings and subtle realities I hadn't noticed before.

I am sure that is why journaling is so encouraged as a tool to help folks dealing with sorrow/grief or difficult/confusing issues in their lives. It has been remarkably helpful in that regard to me as well.

I am the first to tell people who ask about blogging to just do it...write. it doesn't really matter what about but in this day and age we have the technology and the tools to make doing it quite simple. Don't be intimidated by it at all. Write! Just write and do it right away. No time is better then the present so what in the world could you possibly be waiting for.....

It is hard to relate to someone else just exactly how liberating sharing on Shell Shock has been, how many good people I have had a chance to meet (online anyway) and what fun it has been to do it on a regular basis. I've learned a great deal about myself of course but by sharing that stuff about me I have also learned about life in general and people as well.

What an amazing ride we have had so far here at SHELL's to many more!

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