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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Opera In The Lobby

I used to love taking trips when I was a kid. That love of travel has stayed with me most of my life and probably will never changed. What has changed is my bodies ability to roll with allb the changes. My heart/mind keep making plans that the old body struggles to complete yet I still enjoy it.

And part of me has looked at this trip to Rochester in that another trip. And there were parts I enjoyed...I met a few more recovering alkies/addicts. I always find the spots where we can get together..its a network of sorts.

And its cool because no matter where you are or who you are, we are all in this recovery boat together and that is really cool. You are accepted as you are. Its not like its aperfect sociey or something...its not. But you are accepted and that's cool.

One last thought tonight..when we were walking through the lobby at MAYO a bunch of people were gathered around the grand piano they have there on the lower lobby level. They have volunteers who play every day so there is always that wonderful sound floating up to the various balconies that surround that area. Well today 3 people were singing opera along with the piano...what an amazingb sight and sound. We stopped for a few minutes and listened the turned and walked Starbucks then.....home.

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