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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Love My Friends

As anyone who has read more then a post or two of this blog will tell you, I am pretty open about myself. I'll share my thoughts, feelings, activities and yea, some of the horrible, haunting experiences of my past. The positive stuff AND the stuff that doesn't make me look to good at times, all of it, all the time....That is basically what the blog was about: a recovering addict in everyday life. I didn't really know anyone else that wanted to open the door wide open to themselves, all the way like this so I settled on the only addict/alcoholic that I knew that might: ME.

I'm not special or unique in any way other then I'm an individual personality with a life all my own. I'm not some shining example...far from it as this blog has shown for over a year now. And yes, that was part of the show things the way they are, not someone's pre-conceived idea or stereotype of a recovering addict/alcoholic. I think that is actually being achieved and though I was weirded out a bit about being so open about myself, today I feel it is a responsibility since I have this forum to do this and continue to educate folks about addiction and recovery.

All that being said, there is a very important, yes critical part of my life that gets very little specific mention in this blog but I would NOT be alive today if it wasn't for them. I am referring to my family and friends.

Out of respect for their privacy I've rarely mentioned anyone of my friends by name. The same goes for my family though I have mentioned my daughter Chelsea, her boys Mason/Maddox (Maddy) and her husband Joel. I have also mentioned I have a son (I think he prefers if he stays rather anonymous here on SSS and that's cool) and I have referred to my Mother and Father who are both still very much a part of my life today. I also have mentioned a sister and her family living in the Dayton Ohio area.

I think I'm going to reserve a post someday for what my family means to me but I will be honest about something: I put each and every member of my family through HELL for a long, long time. And they are still here supporting me though there were times when things were awful between us. Over time things have come back together in a positive way but there was a time when that was not necessarily a sure thing...It is a credit to the kind of people they are.

What can I say about my friends. They are amazing, I love them and again...I would not be here if it wasn't for them. There are some of my oldest and dearest friends RVO/JVO from New Richmond. I'd be dead without you's a simple fact. I Love you both very much...

My many friends in recovery who have stood by me when I wasn't very pleasant to be around...some would insist that I'm still not very pleasant to be around but hey, that's another story!!

I have been a Christian for about 3 months. I have gone to Lockwood Church for 2 months and the members of that church have simply been incredible. I feel like I have known them all my life. They have supported me fully as I have gone through these medical problems and I would not have been able to do this without their help. They are wonderful and they walk the walk each and every day....

There are some special people in my life. My mentor in recovery who has been guiding me for nearly 4 years now. He is one of my best friends. I have another close friend, a former employer who has had a very special role in my coming to the Lord. One of the coolest and most important days of my life was the day a month or so ago when he helped Baptize awesome day!

I have other countless friends who have supported and encouraged me: Carol in Cali who is probably most responsible for this blog other then the author himself. She is the one who has encouraged me to write and to just be me. She was the first person to get me to believe, just a little in myself as a person and a writer. A wonderful friend who is on her way to being a world famous writer...just wait!

twodog: A pen pal in recovery, is a person I have never face to face yet her continued encouragement and support over the years has been more help then she will ever know.

And then there is best friend in the world. One of the most self-less people I've ever met. It's funny, a long time ago during our active addictions, we were in a relationship. A very destructive relationship to boot...But we were never as close as we are today in our friendship. Nobody understands this relationship...that's cool, she and I don't always either!! But we know it's real and I simply wouldn't have made it through this latest bunch of sh*t without her...Thanks K-Sue!

I have way too many friends to single them all out here...But I thank each and every one of you. You are simply the best. It is incredibly hard to put into words how this feels. Less then 5 short years ago, I basically had 2 friends that would still speak with me. Other then that only my parents would have anything to do with me. That was I can't even begin to name all the wonderful people in my life today.

That my friends is nothing short of a miracle....


  1. you're the best - friendship is reciprocal - you give us thanks and we give you thanks .. good for you man, be well

  2. Thank you Thomas. Thats what friends are for. True friends are allso there when u are happy so you can laugh together,are there when you are sad so you can cry toghether,are there when you need someone to talk to and they keep their ears open and mouth shut and are there when you just need someone to give you a big hug and say things will be alright. We have been through alot together and our friendship is something that alot of people will never understand. It goes so much farther than just friendship in the normal sense that it is sometimes hard for me to understand that I have someone as special as you in my life. I care about you deeply and life would not be the same without you. So Thank you very much for being my Best Friend and writing nice stuff about me. It really makes me feel special and loved and I dont know of anyone that does not like that. Thank you Thomas Love K-Sue