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Thursday, March 17, 2011 Mustard

There is a lot of stuff going on right now. I got home early this afternoon and was going to lay down for a little shuteye...sometimes I sleep better during a nap in the day time then I do through out the night. I was also thinking of REAL Chinese food, if you recall a post i sent a few weeks ago from Holland, MI...Coldwater where I now live has no decent Chinese restaurant.

So I had spoken to a buddy about taking th JUKE out for a spin to Sturgis (30 miles away) for decent Chinese food. At that my phone rang and for the second time his week my personal Doctor's head nurse called just to see how I was feeling. Also to see how I felt about the surgeon and the process so far.

40 minutes later I'm in my Doc's office meeting w/her. I didn't even have an appointment. She spent 40 minutes going over my test results then came to the conclusion that the best possible care treatment solution for ME right now is to go to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. They would get to the bottom of all this, world class doctors, facilities, the very best and my insurance did cover it. So March 25, I'm headed

The average stay is 4-7 business days. It will be quite an experience and I pray we will find some relief...I'm really at the end of my rope right now. I will still get stomach surgery when i get back but everything else will get checked out starting at 7a on the 25th.

I really feel that this is the opportunity of a lifetime to go and be treated where they do all the tests under the same roof. All the various entities report to one coordinating physician and he directs the medical assets like a symphony....

So I'm enthused though I have some figuring to how to pay for that many nights in a hotel, etc....So I'm turning it all over tonight, going to bed and try and finish the book I've been reading. Sweet dreams...


  1. That is scary, but I'm glad you are getting the attention you need in a quality facility. Keep us posted!

  2. I'll be honest...things got a little less scary knowing I'll be there in a week. These folks don't F**k around and I'm tired of doctors F**king around, that is the most frightening part of this some of the "experts" couldn't find their own tookus if you helped them! Only my personal Doc has stayed the course through all of this and SHE suggested going to work with the best (her words) and she is awesome. She interned there plus my father was treated there and it was a really good experience for us that he was.