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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Charlie's Gonna Die

I'm sure that he doesn't really give a rat's a** about what I think but if he doesn't change his behavior ASAP, I have a feeling we are all going to watch Charlie Sheen DIE.

Can I read the future? I have some inside information like he already has a terminal disease...Nada. No I really have had a premonition either. I just KNOW the behavior, his behavior. I've heard all the pronouncements how nobody understands the dude, they are out to get him.

He wants us all to believe he is a victim...I'm not buying it! Not at all...In my mind, there really isn't anything unique about him at all. In my world, he is a TYPICAL (albeit very famous and filthy rich) addict/alcoholic.

His going to such great lengths to convince us that he isn't an addict just convinces most of us that he really is and if he doesn't get help, he'll probably die. It's that simple, really. That would make great TV, now wouldn't it?! Watching a celebrity die, live on the air! It would help his cause probably if he made at least a little sense when arguing his case on any number of the countless TV interviews that he has done recently. Or at least speak without slurring....

Hey, I've lived the lie...I've been there. I was KING of The WORLD (in my mind) just like he thinks he is. He has some clout with the media so he gets to play his little game on the whole freakin' world and hey, the world is watching...

I wonder...what would happen if the world stopped watching? What if the TV crews went away, what if no one called him anymore? Where would he end up then. What would he do...My guess? He has two choices: Die alone...Unfortunately, many of us do...OR find GOD, now!

It's OK, jump my sh*t if you don't like what I'm saying...I can take it. Hey I like the dude...I just don't feel sorry for him like he wants me to. Poor Charlie..nobody understands him. Sh*t, substitute Thom for Charlie and you have my life story, mostly.

If any thing, I almost pity him...because he hasn't a clue how much trouble he is in. Not with the law, not with, with Charlie Sheen. I'd like to see the brother throw in the towel and surrender to GOD, get some help and sober up. Just my desire and one man's opinion.

It is my belief that his so-called friends that are "helping" him with this media charade and fantasy life he is living right now (and this INCLUDES the media) are enabling him to kill himself, through his addiction. The press just wants the story man...they couldn't care less. Celebrity deaths make good copy, that make a great story!

What I find most sad about this whole thing (next to the fact that he is killing himself of course) is he truly believes he has a following of people, on Twitter, FaceBook and TV that believe in him and his CAUSE (which is Charlie). Thats not it at all, Chuck...they are just like people who congregate around an accident scene waiting to see the gore.

They don't want to see YOU the person, nope. They want to see Charlie the clown, the crazy dude who says all this crazy stuff. They want to see what happens NEXT...will he sober up? Will he die? What will he do next? That is what the crowds want not what's best for Charlie. That is sad.

Anyway...I'm getting really tired of hearing about makes me sick. I see people every day in the same kind of situation as he is with his addiction, who are trying their hardest to deal with their addiction. We hear NOTHING about them...except of course when they don't make it.

I'd rather focus on those folks today. Charlie's gonna do what he wants to do...Charlie, I'm praying for you man. Open your eyes, open your heart...the answer is right in front of you! I really do hope he finds GOD. Before it's too late....


  1. It just makes me sick. All that talent down the drain. Still praying for him though. Hope GOD touches his live some how. K-Sue

  2. I actually said much the same thing, people are watching in horrified fascination. The part that makes me sick isn't that it's going on, or even that the media is making it OK for people to watch this, what makes me sick, is the spirit in which the onlookers ARE watching. To me, they are even more sick than he is.

    I'm sure via my blog you saw I went ahead and said wth I'll apply for the internship....if I got it, I would definitely know it was for a reason, that reason, perhaps to bring some enlightenment and help to someone that needs it.

    I'm pretty sure he's not looking for someone that can actually do the job so much as some chick that is willing to be another addition to his "harem" but wth, nothing to lose by saying ok sure, here I am, I'll help you with your stuff.

  3. C.Al- I did see your post and got a kick out of it...I was gonna go ahead and tell you that you could put me down a reference for your blog posts, lol! I really have no realistic idea where he is going with that then it's just another publicity stunt. He just lost 1.5 Million an EPISODE...he is going to have to find some way to leverage himself ('cause that's all he's got now) to make $$.

    Watching him ramble is more then I can was like looking back into my cocaine days and the 40 minute long sentences I would get rolling on. Your so right, it's just sick!

  4. Well, you know the saying, everything happens for a reason. What do you think could possibly be reason, if he unwittingly hired someone that had a Psych degree as his social media assistant. I would naturally have to work fairly closely with him, perhaps even garner a bit of wisdom.... LOL

    Anyway, as I said 2m other people probably tweeted him about it, and I'm sure some of them probably bared their boobs for the occasion, so not holding my breath on that one.

  5. I heard earlier this morning he had 74,000 apps the first time he posted that position...

  6. LOL I'm sure that number rose exponentially, he tweeted over 2m people simultaneously. If, however, he really wants someone that can do the job and not just fawn all over him, then I would be a logical candidate.

    Of course, that meant I had to delete certain "tweets" that could have been offensive....don't poke the bear (especially the one you're "courting" for a job). My post mentioned I would rather have 1 person follow my twitter and blog that gave a crap about my plight, than 2m just watching in horrible fascination for me to fail.

  7. I agree you don't want to upset a potential employer...Honestly, if I were young and truly wanting to some Public Relations/Social Networking Internet work in the big time, I'd do it. It's business first but as you mentioned in an earlier post, you never know how you may influence people around you.

    I think it would be an amazing addition to a resume and the experience/connections would be literally in valuable. It will be fascinating where he goes with that whole internship thing.

    lastly, you couldn't be more accurate in your assessment as far as I'm I stated in this post, you have all these people simply waiting to watch him die. It's tragic and sad, yet even I keep up on it to a certain degree.

    As a recovering addict, his words and behavior hit so close to home, I cannot even begin to describe how eerily similar it all is...