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Friday, March 4, 2011

The Human HEART

What is the human heart for? Yea, I know it pumps blood throughout my body to keep me alive and ticking but other then that, what is it for. They say hearts get broken when love goes awry...why your heart? Why wouldn't your Pancreas break or your Liver snap in two or something...But no, it's always your heart! Not sure what the connection was meant to be....

Then they say if a person is trying really hard to achieve something that he/she is really putting their "heart" into it...Wow, this HEART thingamabob really does a lot of stuff, eh?

I've got my own uses for that little bugger as well: I believe I use my heart as a compass, a reference point for shows me where to go. I know...not literally. non of these things is really literal with the exception of pumping the blood, etc, etc.

I believe we humans refer to our hearts as key way to monitor anything to do with our emotions...I also think we use it as a guide point of our conscience...Trusting that our heart will let us know the difference between whats right and wrong...."Hey man, we just follow our heart, right?"

Ultimately I think the human HEART is our physical portal to the wishes of GOD. GOD speaks to our Hearts, does he not? I believe he speaks directly to mine because I know right away when I am straying away from what I KNOW is the will of GOD...and I immediately feel HEARTSICK! I'm not kidding, I get outta whack and that is the first thing I feel is weirdness in my heart...

Anyway I just like the notion that GOD speaks directly to our hearts...what an amazing reality that is. I think he is the only thing that does actually directly contact of heart. I believe that is why we attribute such importance to represents love, well DUH?! What else is God but LOVE? It represents the desire to overcome/effort...we use it to guide us when we are confused...I don't know about anyone else but those are the same things I seek the guidance of God for in my daily life.

So the Heart in all reality is an extension of our, it's kind of hard for me to find more comfort in this life then that, eh?!

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