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Thursday, March 3, 2011

MFT's- Waves & Water

Yea I'm posting about a Summer oriented topic...and in the dead of Winter to boot when the entire lake out in front of my house is still completely frozen over.

Definitely one of my favorite things is the sound of water: Specifically I love the sound of waves coming on shore. Here on Coldwater Lake, late at night I can hear the waves no matter how small they are gently lapping at the beach. That is one of the most peaceful sounds ever.

As a boy, I stayed here at the old cottage and I slept on one of two beds on the screened in porch. The lake was literally 20 feet from where I was sleeping. To this day I can close my eyes and hear that sound, very subtle of the water coming in. once in a while, a boat would pass by way out from shore and I wouldn't even hear it go by. But eventually the waves from it made landfall, so out of the stillness of a dark night would be half a dozen stronger waves coming in.

I have been fortunate that in my lifetime I've spent a great deal of it on or near water. I lived in Holland, MI which is right on Lake Michigan for 25 years and I still visit regularly. Plus my parents have a Condo down in Florida.

Both of those places have brought me in proximity to waves crashing on the beach...again a different yet similar form of water hitting a beach...

The last few summers I have been fortunate enough to spend a great deal of time in Holland so I have tried to walk a couple miles on the beach each day if possible. How delightful...I will walk the water line, right where the water and land meet. I like to stop in the water, close my eyes and just listen to the waves come in.

Same down in Florida...I know most people could care less but for the most part, at least as far as I'm concerned both the waves on Lake Michigan and coming in from the gulf Of Mexico sound the same! At least to me...

So that is another of My Favorite Things (MFT's)...the sound of water and waves coming to shore. There is something peaceful, yea even healing about the sound of water. For me it doesn't matter if it is gentle lapping at the shore of Coldwater lake or towering waves crashing in from Lake Michigan, the mighty Pacific Ocean or the Gulf Of Mexico.

I love that sound...though I know it's sort of strange that of all things I could be thinking about, it would be waves crashing onto a beach somewhere. It's still in the middle of Winter so perhaps I'm just ready for a change of seasons!

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