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Sunday, March 27, 2011

In Control And...DEAD

OK, I understand there are a lot of people who think this surrender to win type mind-set is a load of crap. I get that, people don't like to feel like they aren't in control. That's cool...for you. Not for me...I went down that road and FOR ME, this works. I'd rather be humbled and alive then ALL Powerful, in Control and DEAD!

For me in the situation that i was in, that was the deal. I had tried...for 30 years I wrestled my addictions and got my a++ handed to me every single time. It wasn't even close in the end. Let's face facts: I tried to kill myself and not only that, I was thinking about that as a solution to my life's problems for a YEAR before I tried. Not a good life, I'm here to tell you!

And that's it right there, that's the rub: I'm HERE, I'm above ground, sucking air, ALIVE. So I spit a the DEVIL and survived...I'm either one lucky bastard or GOD was looking after me even when I was saying and thinking despicable things about him and his followers. I'll choose the GOD scenario....

Well the Chuck Wagon Bell just rang so it's CHOW time. I guess that means that this post.....

Will Be Continued.

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