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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Clowns At WAR

I'll do my best this time around not to get so fired up. But the whole thing where 2 million Twitter followers are sitting around waiting for Charlie Sheen to stand on his head, do a magic trick, set himself on fire or die is enough to make me physically sick. I am convinced that we will have LIVE executions on TV within 5 years. Pay-Per-view even sooner probably!

So it was hard to contain myself when a full blown addict is self-destructing right in front of everyone and it seems like no one is calling him out or trying to help him (calling him out on his sh*t would be trying to help him!). No, it's just material fodder for the late night guys to pile on and make fun of. Just like they did Lindsey Lohan and look at what is still happening to her.

Why is this so funny or so interesting? Is it that the regular folks of the world like to watch the rich, powerful and famous fall from grace? Make major fools of we feel better about ourselves and our own shortcomings when someone super successful like Charlie F**ks up?

I know, I know...i just did it again, didn't I? I wasn't going to get off on a rant again, especially this one and in 10 seconds: BOOM! Here I am raging at this whole, sordid mess again.

Why? Why am I so upset about all this. Why have I posted twice now on this subject in one day?It's an easy answer and quite frankly it's the very same reason I get fired up when a new person in recovery struggles again or God forbid, doesn't make it.

It's because I care...I love people like Charlie Sheen. I don't know him, never really cared for him as an actor (with the exception of the movie PLATOON, his first major film as a lead) or as a person. But I love people, really it's my job as a human being and a Christian to love my fellow man. And though it can be really difficult some times with some folks...I do love my fellow man, including Charlie.

I have a special place in my heart for addicts/'s logical because I am a recovering addict/alcoholic myself and I know what that life is like, how it can devour you. And I hate to see folks who suffer from this disease die because it is so unnecassary...and I'm afraid he's going to die and I don't like that. Dudes like him are at war with themselves...they don't know whether they are coming or going. He hasn't made a lick of sense for over a week yet the media hang on his every word...Ach, I don't understand that at all. All those bastards want is a story...

So I rage at it all....does it make any difference? Probably not...perhaps it may bring some much needed awareness to the subject but it's hard to tell since he has basically mocked those of us in recovery to the point where mainstream America might choose to block the recovery stuff out, who knows?

Honestly I don't really need anyone to recognize recovery, I'm doing just fine as are hundreds of thousands....perhaps even millions of others around the world who are in recovery. I'd just like to see this clown join our ranks...hey, we can always use more clowns at the Recovery Circus!


  1. Charlie Sheet seems to have become the pop culture equivalent of driving by a car accident. He's clearly a very sick person. Watching him self destruct is sad and disturbing. He seriously looks like a person on their way out. I can imagine how you feel watching the madness as a recovering addict.

  2. Interestingly enough, I see this same thing quite frequently in my every day dealings with addicts/alcoholics who are trying to get clean or just trying to get out of doing jail time. They have all the same excuses, exaggerations and bullshit as Mr Charles does about why HE is somehow different then the rest but they just don't have an audience of millions watching 'em die.