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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Well I didn't kick the bucket during the night so things must be pretty darn good this morning after all!

I have been thinking a bit (I know: RUN for cover everyone!) about this blogging thing and writing in particular. I really had not done much concentrated writing before starting Shell Shock. School papers, letters, poems and song lyrics mostly when I was a younger, much younger person then I am today.

I've really come to enjoy writing very much but I have learned, often the hard way that it is very easy for another person to read what I wrote and see exactly the opposite message from what I intended. The written word is so one dimensional, there is no real emotion in it to tip the reader off to the subtleties of the writers true intentions. No body language, facial expressions..nothing.

I am an emotional person..well actually all humans are emotional but I mean I tend to show it more then some folks who don't show their emotions at all. But when I speak, that emotion comes through and contributes to what I am saying and how it comes out. That is obviously missing when I write and I have found it difficult at times to get my point across clearly. It seems to get misinterpreted a great deal. That can be a real bummer...

Perhaps I'm just a lousy writer and that certainly could be part of it: that I am just not skilled enough to convey those subtle little thoughts/feelings into the written word. Some of it is personality too, I'm sure. Every person has their own looking glass...they see life in their own unique way. And it makes perfect sense that what I may see as logical or take for granted others my not.

Blogging has been quite a learning process and I really have enjoyed it but it can be painful when someone clearly is hurt by what I wrote but they have interpreted it so far from how I actually meant it that it's hard to believe(for me)that they actually got there, to that place. It was like they were reading a completely different post then what I actually wrote..

But that is what writers/bloggers have to deal with...often people will see something and react emotionally..they'll be upset so BOOM they'll spill their emotions about it in a comment. Then they'll re-read it later in the day and comment back that they were sorry, they misread the original post. I have been guilty of that myself.

Sometimes folks think that there experience is the RIGHT, the ONLY experience that is real...if you aren't conveying what THEY believe they get all bent out of shape. That is a main reason I try to read and accept what someone else writes as their point of view and NOT take it personally. It's hard and I'll get bent out of shape about it but the truth is they really don't know me so why personalize it?!

Yep, writing is tough and blogging can really be a challenge but it is also fascinating and I don't think I could ever go back to not blogging, somehow...some way.

Well the warm morning sun beckons and I am going to respond and try a short walk. So I am off to find my place in the Sun...


  1. Soak it up....let that beautiful sunshine fill you up and play harmoniously in, out, around, above and through you. Close your eyes, spread your arms open wide, lift your face to to sun and revel in God's creation.

    You spoke about slowing down and really enjoying it, I'll give whatever suggestions I can to help you think of ways you can appreciate it to it's very fullest. Honestly, they are things that I have found have really made me feel like my spirit was soaring.

    I don't know if you have a wooded area, but once upon a time I lived on 300 acres (0wned by the place I was working for mind you), I went out, and I just sang....that made me feel better, with the hush and wind of the woods accompanying me, but it was also magical because I had curious birds, deer and other animals stop and follow for a little bit as well. That had to be one of the single oddest events of my life.

  2. I live on a heavily wooded island in the middle of Coldwater lake in Michigan. The island, Iyopawa was inhabited by Pottawatomie 160 years ago and I swear I can still sense their presence here and when i have my kayak out on the water. It's really cool because I am often up before dawn and i will watch the earth get light from my kayak...whoa, that is really something. i wanted to get the kayak out today but unfortunately I don't feel up to it.

    We have true old growth Oak, Maple, Cottonwood, Sycamore,etc. that are huge, towering over us. Hundreds of years old so there is no doubt some of these old Guardians were here then, were bathed in the woodsmoke of their ancient campfires. I believe this was a summer fishing village..not a permanent settlement. When I was a small boy, I swear I could see 'em out of the corner of my eye, just out of regular sight, watching was spooky in that really cool way...

    I'm always open to suggestions. especially about slowing down, finding peace/serenity. Those are important areas for me today with my body so unwell.