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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Our Last Day On Earth

Wes Leonard is the young man who died Thursday night shortly after making the game winning shot against Bridgeman 57-55. The initial cause was an enlarged heart. rather ironic for me to hear that since I wrote a post yesterday about the human heart and the fact that GOD uses it to reach out to us in various ways. He reached out to Wes to call him home...

I don't know why things like this happen. As a parent of two children I can close my eyes and just imagine the horror they must have felt as they watched their son, go from one of the highlights of his life at one moment to losing his life in another. Just like that...That I think is what most of us find so frightening, so terrifying: the suddenness and finality of it all.

I know people say this all the time that one moment were're here and the next we're not...but I think that not everyone truly takes that to heart. So it is absolutely, inexplicably shocking when a person, in this case one so young and full of life, seemingly with his entire life laid out ahead of him suddenly dies. I know this may come across as callous and please believe me but that is not my intention. But I truly think there is a very valuable lesson here for us all to learn...

We must cherish every single day as if it is our last...because it very well may be. I've mentioned that I struggle but try to live a life based on honesty, humility, selflessness and service to others among other things. This lesson reinforces to me even more the importance of being the kind of person I am proud to be. One who serves his Creator well by his actions and NOT his words.

It also has taught me the importance of making amends in my life and not letting petty jealousy, anger or resentments linger and potentially destroy valuable, yes precious relationships. Sometimes it is hard to admit we were wrong, that we are sorry but I think it is incredibly important to make sure that our personal, emotional lives, each day are in order. That are side of the street, as it were is clean. I know what those loose ends are in my life...those apologies I need to make or that heartfelt thank you I owe a friend.

It's little stuff...I get that but in the grand scheme of life, at least I've learned for myself it is important because they are the RIGHT things to do...

OK, I'm not trying to get all super duper emotional but I do think it matters to live each day, especially how we deal with others as if it were our last because who of these days it IS going to be our LAST day on earth.

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