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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Hugged The Earth Today

It's actually warm out today and the ground is drying so I took the advice of one of my Blog friends, C-Alvarez over at A Melancholy State and just laid down on the ground, face first and hugged the good 'ole earth. Honestly it felt great...I mean it was still a little wet and the neighbors probably thought I'd lost my mind (again!) but whoa, was it ever worth it. So Big Thanks to CA for the suggestion, you ROCK!

Interestingly enough CA over at Melancholy has made it to the second level of interviews for the Tigerblood Intern Position for Charlie Sheen. If CA gets that gig, I may have to revise my prediction that Charlie's Gonna Die because she just might be the right person at the right time to help that poor bastard turn is sh*t around...just saying. Anyway, her blog is fantastic, check it out.

The Doc. appointment today left me feeling rather unsatisfied but after a little time has passed I feel better about it. I think I will refrain from giving every little detail here because it does tend to change depending on which Doc I see...that was part of the issue is the surgeon today did not seem to be up to speed as much as my personal doc on the results of some of the tests.

Anyway, a Colonoscopy is scheduled for Tuesday then if that does not turn up more detail on whats happening in my lower abdomen, then he will go in with the scope and see for himself what's up. he'll do that at the same time he does the stomach surgery for the Barrett's, which is not cancerous at this time,so Whoopi!

So more waiting but hey, thats expected I suppose but MADDENING none the less! But all part of the process to get where we need to be...they will schedule my surgery after the Colonoscopy to make sure they have all the facts first. I'll admit, I'm a bit impatient...because I feel so lousy, I just want them to fix anything that they can. They can fix that so I'm anxious to get on with it but he was right...we need to do this test first. OK Doc, whatever...i'll be a good boy and follow directions, for now..hehe.

So we answered my questions guessed it, more questions! Why is that the way it always happens? I don't know.Anyway I don't sound like a fella who is exercising much faith...funny thing is that I really do believe that things will happen the way they should, it may not be the way I want them to but it will be the way it is. I'm OK with that. Struggle is part of life..I have no expectations that GOD fixes thing for you if you pray. I don't think it works that way. I do believe he gives me strength to carry on and I feel that in me this afternoon. So on we go...

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  1. That made me smile. Anyone that has never taken the time will not know what an awesome feeling it is to actually hug our big beautiful earth (wonder if that counts as BBW LOL). Anyway, I personally feel like you connect with everything (yeah I know I'm a weirdo), it just feels as if you can feel the life humming all through it. Next time, maybe you can even say you know what earth you're bigger than me, God made you to withstand a lot (and we kind of bang her up pretty good), so I'm just going to relax, breathe in and out and release my illness to one of God's greatest creations.

    Now if only I could figure out how to help you hug the universe...........