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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ready For The Fight

Ahh, I've got my blood up. I'm ready for a fight. I'm tired, sick and tired of letting my health dictate what I can and cannot do. I know there will be some frustration and waiting involved in this process at Mayo but just going and getting started has energized me.

So I'm ready to rumble, hit the road jack and all that. I will admit and this sounds sorta nuts but hey, that's me! I kinda take this whole trip as a vacation of sorts. I was just telling a friend earlier that I love to travel so I'm going to enjoy what I can. I'm a little leery because some of my symptoms are not good to have while you are in a car but we'll have to deal with them if they happen.

It is a long ride but it's also a trip that I've never made by car so it's new sights almost all the way after Chicago. So that's the key, take this whole experience as a journey..i have to go so don't just make the best of it...make it a blast. Thats what we'll do. Of course I'm pretty weak so a blast maybe spending an hour in the pool but hey, I don't have a pool here so BONUS!

I know I'll be blogging quite a bit but I want to take a moment and thank everyone who has commented and emailed me during this whole ordeal. I appreciate it very much. It all helps...every comment, every single's all good for the soul and keeps me going, I thank you all once again!

So I'm ready to roll....I do feel that God has gotten his big old bulldozer out and smoothed away so many obstacles, it just feels right. So it's more then likely the next post you'll get from me will be through my mobile device while on the road or once I get to Rochester tomorrow afternoon. See you then...


  1. I hope you are feeling better. Sounds like they are taking good care of you. Glad to see you in good spirits.

  2. Sunny, thank you for the kind wishes. Feeling better is relative right now but overall, yes I am feeling because I'm here. It "feels" like progress just doing something.