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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How To Be Happy, When You Feel Crappy!

Category Health Mmmmmmm Readi Cat 2 Whoever decided that adding fruit now available in Banana Apple and Mixed Berry flavoring to Barium Sulfate Suspension was a good idea needs
The challenge these days for me is to get up and get going with a positive attitude when I do not feel so well. To a certain extent, I am used to it because I live with debilitating Back/Hip/Knee/Neck pain every day but this is a little different. I am used to that...That IS my "Normal" as it were.

These days it's sharp, stabbing abdominal pain, constant sort of takes the fun out of life when you walk around all day feeling like your either going to Vomit (nausea) or Shit (diarrhea) at any given time. Yes, it keeps things interesting but I'd rather find a hobby, "ya know?!

It is all about acceptance and attitude as far as I see it. I'm doing everything that I can do, see the Doc, get the tests, take the stomach meds, etc. I have come to accept that while this process is going on, I'm probably not going to feel the hottest. So I have to find a way to be happy while I feel crappy...hows that for a rhyme?

So if I accept that I'm probably going to feel less then good while this process goes on, what possible good would it do me to sit around and feel sorry for myself. None is the the answer I was looking for there. It would accomplish nothing except it may make me feel even worse.

I don't see the point of feeling sorry for oneself. I find that I'm happiest when I'm doing what I the best possible routine when I am feeling poorly is my normal one...keep doing what I do.

Sorry folks, there isn't anything profound here, just the realization that the better my attitude, the less crappy I tend to feel. And if I can keep up on my normal schedule as best as possible that helps me feel better as well...

So here I sit, with a belly full of Barium Sulfate Suspension (I have to drink a couple of bottles through out the day for my Cat-Scan late this afternoon, ACH!) feeling kind of squeamish and squishy (I feel too full of that stuff!) and yet, I'm happy.

Go figure! But hey, seriously...what is the alternative, eh? Why would I CHOOSE to feel sh*tty when it's a CHOICE? That is what I never could grasp in the past...that quite often, despite how I feel physically or what's going on in my life...How I actually FEEL is a CHOICE.

Today I Choose: To Feel Happy, Even Though I Feel Crappy! How about you?!

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