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Saturday, March 5, 2011

MFT's-Buttered Popcorn

Oh boy...I'm telling you there are few things I like more then the smell of freshly popped Pop Corn! Especially coming directly from an industrial "Movie Theater" style popcorn popping machine....YEEEOOWW!! Sorry, I just had to get that out of my system...whew!
Having Popcorn has really become a Davis family tradition over the last 30 years or so and with me still alive and kickin' I figure it will definitely continue a bit longer.

At the old cottage, my grandmother had an old electric popper and we used that old thing religiously until 3 years ago yours truly dropped it one evening and it wouldn't work after that.

But I discovered a cool looking popper by Cuisinart at a

Cuisinart CPM-900BKFR Easy Pop Popcorn Maker - Black - refurbished

local store. I replaced the one I had broken and got one for myself. I love the popcorn it makes and yea, I've gotten in the habit of having popcorn 2-3 nights a week. Of course it has to be buttered popcorn and since I am not fond of artificial seasonings, I'm not real big on butter salt, phony butter, Magic Popcorn Syrup Goo or other quirky, potentially toxic (not really!) Baloney they peddle at the grocery store. Popcorn, Hot Melted Butter and a little Salt...that's it and I'm in HEAVEN er, well actually I'm not literally there but I'm pretty darn sure that there is an unlimited supply of buttered popcorn in Heaven...I just have a feeling!

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