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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Thoughts From The 8th Floor...

It takes a little getting used to, this being on the road, living out of a suitcase in a hotel and living to go to medical appointments. But this city, Rochester is basically set up to accommodate people who are doing just that.

This is also an Internationally oriented community as well because there are MAYO visitors from all over the world. That makes it interesting as well...I love that about it. People from all walks of life, is an incredible melting pot. It can be sad because there are some very sick folks here but honestly, the mood is upbeat and positive.

It's pretty cool because I knew about the Mayo Clinic because my father was here for awhile but you really have no real idea until your here how big of an operation this really is. It's a massive set up with multiple buildings all connected by walk-ways and tunnels. The local joke here is they should send the administrators from MAYO to Washington DC to clean up the mess in government...It sounds like a good idea to me.

OK well my mind is kind of wandering...not a lot happens on the weekends here. I have some self-administered tests that I have to do this weekend and that can be a hassle but it's all part of figuring this thing out. Time to catch up on some reading...


  1. blogreading? or mayo-related readings? they'd most certainly be able to help out in washington.

    march madness brings all walks of life together - non-basketball fans who've never heard of some of these schools love it, and that's awesome

  2. hotel to hotel blogging communications ... priceless

  3. HISTORY my man, I'm reading an awesome book about the Battle of GUADALCANAL in WWII called: Challenge For The Pacific By Robert Leckie who was actually there...very well written book...a gem if you like History or Military History.