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Monday, March 7, 2011

OK, OK! I'm Listening...

I guess I'm always the last to know or accept things like this. seems like I am having some kind of issue with my Stomach, my Pancreas, Esophagus or my Digestive Tract. Perhaps I shouldn't have been blowing off all those symptoms I have been having..especially in the last few days.

My body got my attention in a big way last night with some of the most severe symptoms I've had. I am quite happy I go into the hospital tomorrow to have a couple of procedures done to see if we can get to the bottom of this.

These issues last night really got my attention and I've realized I'm guilty of a rather common behavior: I figured since I was having this procedure done Tuesday that i could act as if business was usual in terms of what, when and how I eat or drink (COFFEE).

Boy did I ever get that wrong...I had some sort of an attack at 1:30a this morning where my abdoman was tied in a terrible knot w/sharp, sharp pain, I had terrible pressure in my head and my BP spiked to 177/103 which is ridiculously high for me (I'm a 110/60 guy almost all of the time). Something was wrong...

Prior to that I'd had a typical night full of problems with Reflux affecting my swallowing and breathing...It is obvious that regardless of when I go in for the procedures I have to watch what I'm eating and drinking. I admittedly am not good at listening to doctors and their recommendations and I paid the price last night.

It was a painful and yes, scary lesson. I really came close to calling the ES but things started to settle down and I felt better. I'll call the Doc's Office later to let them know what happened...

But I need to heed the warning I received last night. I have some serious medical issues right now and I have this tendency NOT to take them very seriously (other then my back, knee and hip which are quite obvious and physically debilitating/painful) until something drastic and frightening happens like it did last night. That has to stop...


  1. hey bro, sorry I've been MIA lately - been on the road - the W against ND was huge - we blew the other game against them - up 3-0 in the 8th only to lose 5-4 in 10 - anyway, I'm back for 3 days then we head to Rocky Top to take on the Volunteers

  2. Hey Dude, It's cool I've been following along on WRT's...Man all that travel has got to wear on you. I know L is pregnant, you have got a lot of irons in the fire. Just saw that your picking up your new ride today, SWEET!

  3. Ugh - TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! I know some random blogger from somewhere you aren't doesn't have much say - but remember my words when you are ignoring your doctors. grrr. (I'm trying to be intimidating)