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Monday, March 28, 2011

This Day's Report

A Monday in Minnesota...
The morning tests went well, again the system of moving people from one station to the next is so efficient and surprisingly personal. They still manage to be friendly, helpful and treat everyone like a person.

The test this morning was a very different kind of CT-Scan then i have ever had before. Had to drink a really different kind of contrast before going in and getting the IV. Then they basically ran scans on every vital organ in my body. Checked lungs, liver, kidneys, Intestines, stomach...the whole works.

My body is holding up OK but after all the morning stuff I was exhausted. Came back to the room for awhile...still can't eat anything until the 2 tests this afternoon are complete.

So at 2p(CT) I'll head back up to the already familiar Gonda 18 East Desk, for more Pulmonary testing. These tests are much more involved then the stuff Friday..those were preliminary Baseline tests. I guess the second test today there is an involved exercise test, oh joy!

Well I can always use the exercise! Then that will conclude todays exams. To is less fully scheduled but the perfect opportunity to try and squeeze those consultations in so that's the plan. Wed. is the BIG day of tests...

Alright...then this concludes what has turned out to be a rather boring report on my day. I'll try to conjure up something more interesting this evening1

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