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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Bells Of Rochester

I sit here at the desk in my room, 8th floor of the Kahler Grand hotel in Downtown Rochester, MN. The room looks out over the street and right at the MAYO Building. The room is really small and stuffy, they have the air turned off so the windows have been open a lot. And it's 22 degrees outside! But it isn't cold in the room, it's weird.

Anyway, since the windows are open I have really discovered something cool about this city. At 4 and 5pm the bells of all the local churches ring in beautiful harmony. It's awesome and I'm really enjoying listening to them. I'm not sure I would have noticed if the windows had been closed so it was really cool.

So it was quite a treat to walk home from the Red Lobster down the road (where I had my first meal of the day) and hear those bells ringing all over the brought a smile to my face. A really nice way to end the day....

So the medical journey is under way and things are going OK. I'm a bit tired and sore but I feel really good about the situation here. Now I'll have the weekend to settle in, it's going to be a long haul. Well I'm heading out to meet up with some buddies in recovery. Yea, they got 'em in Minnesota to....

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