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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Don't Read, It's a Downer..

Well I'm here in Rochester and since I've arrived it has been a bit of rough sailing. We got in OK but several things have gone a bit out of kilter so it's a little more stressful then I would have expected. My only hope is they can figure out tomorrow or Monday at the latest whats going on so we can head back home. I had actually thought about driving back home for the weekend but I don't believe that will help much. The reality is I can't afford to stay here very long...the expense is just too much and naturally I'm worried about it. I'm a worrier, I know that....there is a reason for it this time, trust me.

I feel pretty rotten this afternoon after feeling really good all the way up here this morning. It's physical and not related to stress though that never helps. I'm sure getting tested right now and I suppose I'm not fairing so good...

OK, so I have to think positively. The good thing is I have no appetite so I don't have to worry about eating. I have to fast after 7p anyway for the initial blood work and stuff in the morning. things just seem a little confusing right now and after the long drive I'm thinking I'm just exhausted.

I'll cut this off too since it doesn't feel very productive but I suppose I'll post it for the same reason I always pathetic as it is, this is the way I feel some times and it needs to be represented that way on Shell Shock.

I think I'll try to clean up and maybe we'll try again later....


  1. Keep plugging along. You're getting prayers from this side of the states.

  2. Thanks Shelby...I know and I appreciate it very much.