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Monday, March 14, 2011

This, That..Whatever!

I'm writing this morning as much to clear the header "A Bloody Mess" off the top of the blog then for any other reason. I am rather tired of blood this morning, sheesh!

The Red Cross sign makes make feel uncomfortable as well. I'm going to probably avoid posting about the tragic situation in Japan right now because the worlds news agencies are doing their usual "wonderful job" of flogging the whole thing into the ground. Complete with sticking microphones in the faces of obviously grieving people. I really dislike that practice and sooner or later a reporter is going to end up with a Mic in a place on their body where they would prefer it wasn't!

But I pray for those folks, so much sadness and, I'm truly beyond having the words to express my sadness.

The great BOPJC (Big Orange Pee Jug Collection) process is in it's final 90 minutes...I know, too much info isn't it. But that's life right? Sometimes you hit all the traffic lights green on your way to work and other times you have to urinate in a big orange jug for 24 hours straight...hey, I just take it a day at a time, hehe!

And yea, I've had my wee bit 'o fun with that this weekend but it by doing so, finding humor in some of life's more difficult circumstances makes things a little easier to accept and deal with.

I have actually been ready for this week to start, basically because waiting around here all weekend was starting to feel too isolating yet I didn't really feel well enough to do much else. I'm hoping to get some of these tests and appointments scheduled today and get on with it.

So...until we meet again, either here or at the end of the world, Lots of love, T


  1. I think you asked how to tote those monstrosities around....which by the way I can not EVER remember subjecting one of my patients to when I was a Corpsman, but I thought about it, and I think if you had a backpack, that might suffice, then it's big enough, and you don't have a giant orange announcement carried along with you.

    I keep you in my thoughts, and hope that the tumors etc are all benign and that things take an upswing with you in every way very soon.

  2. CA-Thank you I appreciate the nice thoughts. It's all good, we'll just have to see whats going on with those little buggers! It's feeling so sick all the time that is getting me down a bit right now but again, I'll survive. The sooner we start doing some things, anything it will serve as a distraction...a welcome one at that!

    I survived the Big Orange Jug Ordeal, it officially ends right now, so I have to go and put my final exclamation point on the test, lol!