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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Not Ecstatic, But Less CRANKY! that is over perhaps I'll be less cranky. Of course I shouldn't have been cranky in the first place but I have my moments I suppose.

The news from the procedure was both good and bad considering your point of you. Typically you don't want to find anything wrong when you have tests like these. but since I have had so much trouble, I really was almost hoping that something would come up so i knew what was happening.

So I got my wish...I'll need surgery to fix the issues in my stomach related to Barrett's Esophagus. That really is good news because I knew I had it and it was causing me trouble. There are other issues that we need more time/tests on to figure Doc took over a dozen biopsies in the stomach. I have some potentially serious issues in there and they needed to find out about that stuff.

I'm not trying to be coy here, they are concerned about Cancer there and so am I. No immediate reason for alarm but some of the stuff we're finding are leading us down that road...

Because of the concerns...They went ahead and scheduled a CT-Scan tomorrow evening which was weird timing but they decided I needed a Contrast CT right away and that was as soon as they could do it. At this point with the way I've been feeling I'm like "more power to 'ya, go for it!"...

I am mostly just relieved that Something is being done now. I am mostly to blame for hemming/hawing about finding a doctor here in town but now that i have I'm just grateful it's all happening.

I will also ad that these medical issues are also a warning, to me and to others that just because you change a behavior...In my case that would be giving up drinking/drugging, doesn't mean that there still won't be health related consequences down the road. I quit drinking over 4 years ago and these issues still persist.

Before closing tonight I want to say that I wasn't very happy with myself last night when I posted "SUSPECT". I wasn't feeling good and I was upset with my self for going out when I knew I should have stayed in. I know people can talk and frankly in the big picture it doesn't matter one bit.

I let some old insecurities and feelings take over and got a little cranky...I apologize, that shouldn't have happened and I basically violated an important rule of thumb I try to follow: I cannot expect people to react the way I'd like them to. Nope, they will do as they please and the anonymous commenter had it right: It is none of my business what someone else thinks of me"..Amen to that, my Brother. And thanks Randy, your not anonymous anymore!!

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