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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

22 Becomes 21

OK I admit it. I'm petty, I have an ego and I get bummed out when I lose one of the pitiful few precious blog followers that Shell Shock Serenade happens to have.

See that?! I just outed myself there for being egotistical AND petty. I admit it, I check the number of followers of the blog and though I'm embarrassed to admit it, especially here that I really do pay attention to such things. I've said that I write this little blog thing here to help myself and help others , all of which is actually true. but I do have an ego and I'm often disappointed that so few people seem to like the blog.

I'm sure there are many reasons for it. I'd like to think it's the subject matter alone that makes few people want to read it but hey, that would be naive. It's not the most professionally looking blog or writing for that matter. But it is honest and I pour my heart into this damn thing thing.

But I also think it's important to come clean and be honest about it too. Especially when one moment we have 22 whole followers and boom, it's back to 21!

Now I'm writing this post with a huge sense of humor and I understand this easy an easy blog to read. the feedback I get on the blog and through email tends to be quite serious and sometimes really tough and heartbreaking. there are a lot of people suffering out there from sexual abuse, rape, adicction and a whole bunch of other stuff. I do feel it's almost a sacred trust to manage Shell Shock Serenade and as much as I goof and whine about the lack of followers, I am truly grateful for those I have. I thank you very much for it as well...