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Friday, May 13, 2011

Some Time To BREATHE

If any reader actually believed that load of crap I was shoveling in that last post then it just proves you don't know me very well. So that is more then justification to continue this little, er...maybe it is kind of big life experiment called Shell Shock serenade.

It is rather funny because there was some truth to the notion that I was surprised by how much i missed blogging. I did not realize how important writing those daily posts had become to me and how much I would miss it if I couldn't do it.

It really is part of the fabric of my life today and though it did cross my mind that I may be just a bit TOO focused in on it I have come to the conclusion that it isn't a negative obsession. I still really benefit from doing it and I can accept that it's OK to miss it for a day or two if I can't post for one reason or another.

I may take a day off here and there just to keep things fresh and have some time to BREATHE. So I did learn a few things and I'm grateful for that.

So yea, I was kidding with the previous post, I just wanted to stir the pot a tad and loosen things up. Typically Friday and Saturday, really the entire weekend tends to be slower then the work week but that might not apply because every single writer on blogger was given a one day sabbatical, whether they needed it or not!

So yea, I admit that thormoo was a real turd pretending that he wasn't going to post anymore. I on the other hand would NEVER pretend about anything! See you in the blog universe later today....