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Friday, May 20, 2011

Rather CHIPPY...

Of course it not only doesn't satisfy the urge, it probably acts as a tease and makes the desire even stronger in the end...yet I take what I can get because I'm desperate.

I'm talking about playing a little bit of golf of course...what were you thinking I was talking about, hmmm?!

I had surgery on my stomach a little over 3 weeks ago and I've already been chomping at the bit to get out and play. Doc said that no way for laying regular golf. Of course I told him there isn't anything EVER regular about my golf swing! Even so, he said that i could chip and putt ...i was happy with that.

So I went out for 30 minutes yesterday and about 45 minutes today and really enjoy it. That's a benefit of living right here on the course and being a member of the club. I just ride out, throw the ball down 50 yards from the hole, chip and putt, chip and on and so forth.

It was a hot sunny afternoon and after the heavy morning fog burned away in the noon sun it was a gorgeous day for cutting the grass, walking and yep: chipping and putting!

I feel better all around when I can get out and get some exercise. There is something really about the sun shining, the wind or breeze coming in off the water and just smelling the freshly cut grass. It perks me up and keeps me going.

It is always fun to watch the island transform itself from a nearly deserted, cold windy place in winter to the near paradise it is in the late Spring, Summer and Fall. The population increase by 50x. Boats on the water and the latest trend the last couple of years: several float planes make their home on the lake, two of the 3 are here on the island. I just love watching a plane take of or land on water, it's just cool, sorry. Cool is the best I can do describing it...

The weather is going to be really nice, witch i'm happy about because it has been a lousy Spring for the guys that run the golf course. This should be a good weekend but I'll be in Dayton, OH tomorrow for a wedding then Sunday it's up to Holland, MI fort K-Sue's son, he is having his Grad-Party/Open-House. they are having it before he graduates because he is going right into the Marine Corps right afterwards! Yikes, BOOT Camp!

He's a great young man and he's stoked about it but they'll have him crying for his momma by the 2nd night...then he'll get over it and adapt then do just fine. He'll be out in San Diego at Camp Pendleton...I'm proud of him and so is his mom. he be a good Marine, I'm just hoping the world and our military role in it chills out by the time he gets through boot and is trained in his specialty. Of course ever Grunt is a rifleman first in the Corps..

So a weekend where we get to see a couple and a young fellow launch themselves into a new chapter in their lives. It's pretty good will be a ton of driving but it's days like this that make everything worthwhile. Great weather, get to see a bunch of family we haven't seen for awhile. So I gotta try and get a little shut eye.

Have a good one, I'm sure I'll post from the road....