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Thursday, May 19, 2011

ZOE: They Wire-Tapped My Cat!

It's not typical for me to rant like I did in my last post...I don't regret it but I did have a rather unpleasant thought....

Considering that I did insult this Novitzky guy that is leading this investigation and basically ripped him up and down...I'm beginning to wonder if I may start to find mysterious things happening in my life. Phones being tapped or perhaps even a bug inserted inside of ZOE (my Kitty Kat) so I can be recorded talking to myself or singing in the shower. Those are pretty dangerous conversations to National Security, you know!

But seriously, it did cross my mind that maybe I shouldn't be so critical online. I do feel that this whole situation is one gigantic abuse of the power we bestow on these government Investigators so whats to stop them from destroying a wee, little blogger like Moi?!

I do not like living in a society where I even have a fleeting thought that I may not be safe from the "powers to be" or our government just because I expressed my opinions and they were just that, my opinions. They were not about revolution or anarchy, nope just about common decency. I think it's a sad testament to where we are as a country these days that I would feel, even for a second, threatened the way that I did.

I agree that it sounds a bit outrageous to think that our basic right to free speech may be threatened here. But I think the pursuit of Lance Armstrong for example, by this modern day lynch mob led by a guy who has made his name and living discrediting others while working for our Federal Government does not bode well for the future of freedom if he is allowed to continue.

OK, so If I turn up in a farm pond wearing cement shoes now you'll know that THEY had to do some to SILENCE me...