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Thursday, May 12, 2011


It's 8 o clock in the morning and the place is swarming with guys here to put the dock in and take the boat away to service then launch and bring back. I am definitely a morning person, I have been up for almost 4 hrs already so this doesn't bother me at all. My 82 year old father however is a completely different story. he has always acted more like a teenager when it comes to sleep, he'd stay in bed until noon every day if my mum would let him.
I have to laugh becomes he is less then pleased that they are here so early. He was even less pleased when I reminded him that the world doesn't revolve around HIS schedule! He doesn't accept that and feels that he should be recognized as the center of the universe...

I love my father dearly but he is clearly way off base here but other then to give him a bit of crap now and again (like this morning) I leave him be. At his age he isn't going to change so it's pointless to keep banging my head against the wall trying.

Speaking of sleep, I actually got 3 or 4 hours last night in 40 minute bits and pieces but still I feel exhausted. I have few commitments today other then I have a meeting at noon for an hour and a couple of errands to run. Otherwise the day is pretty open...

Now that I'm a few paragraphs into this post has the reader gotten the notion that i sat down here with virtually nothing to write about? Sorry about that! It happens some times then I get an idea about this or that and whoosh, off I go.

There are times in my life today where I can totally see how I operated all those years drunk or high. It can be hard to soberly participate in life, it was much easier (at first anyway) to just blow it all off, who cares anyway, right?!

Now I enjoy it but as I've mentioned before i still can get a hankering for that life style...the life style of drunken fun and games, no the lifestyle of having to deal with the consequences of my behavior later on. being responsible was a quick way to ruin a good buzz, hehe!

I'm am off for a walk. The peaceful morning air with the sounds of waves gently coming in and birds singing is now being over powered by air drivers and hammers. So it's the perfect time to scat, so I'm a scattin"...