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Friday, May 20, 2011

It's Called HOPE

Tomorrow another event takes place in my life that just reminds me once again that I ain't getting any younger. My oldest niece Angie and her finance Jason are getting married in the Dayton, OH area tomorrow afternoon.
Actually I'm just kidding about the age thing because it really doesn't bother me. In another week or so, Angie's youngest sister Loren will graduate from High School making her the last of my kids and my nieces (I have no nephews) to do so. So all of our kids are grown up and I already have a couple of grandchildren.

What a blessing that really, truly is. It wasn't too terribly long ago I looked out into the future and frankly I didn't see any! This has been quite a transformation...

I know it is a bit of a stretch to link this post with my last two posts on mean spirited government officials and the abuse of their power. But because two kids I care about a great deal are getting married tomorrow and launching their married future together I'm going to do it.

I have never been under any illusions that the world is some nice, soft and easy, fluffy place to exist. Nope, reality can be painful at times...just plain rough and tough but I do see a trend of increased mean spiritedness that frankly saddens me and wishes it wasn't so. I don't really think it can be stopped but I still need to say may piece.

I'm not going to sit back and whine because it's such a mean world out there but it is and I accept that. But I think we all as individuals can do our little part in changing that. I suppose my daily contact with people who are suffering, having a hard time in their lives and working to overcome their set-backs and difficulties has made me a bit more compassionate. And that's a good thing because I didn't used to care much about the "other guy"...Nope, I was just concerned about me and my little world.

In nearly 50 years of living on the planet, I have seen our society and the world at large change and fluctuate. And maybe things here in the States will swing back towards a more open and caring stance by people in general but I'm not sure it's really even possible anymore. Why? Because we lack trust: In our government, our society, our employer's, the neighbors, the funny looking guy in the car next to me at the intersection, etc., etc.

Too much "bad" stuff has happened and people are now naturally more suspicious then they ever were before. For me, I guess I'm still going to try, in spite of the world and it's many serious issues, to be a more caring, helpful and compassionate guy. Not a doormat mind you, I still think folks must work themselves out of their own problems but it doesn't help to give them guidance, love and encouragement. The key there being, in my opinion Love and encouragement....

So I really hope as Ang and Jason head off into marriage that they still are able to enjoy a world where people still care about each other.

Best of luck kids....Your Uncle T