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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mr Obsessive Chaos

Now that is truly the course of 12 hours the techno-disaster that is ME got the post comment SNAFU figured out as well as his I-Pod issue. So now the obsessions are done for the day and I can live again!

It's ridiculous how caught up I get in that crap but it is what it is. I know I'm doing it and I realize it's an issue I just have to keep working at it.

Now my obsessions are physical: My Kayak and my Golf Clubs. The weather is wonderful and I am really anxious to get out on the water and paddle a bit. The same thing with golf. The course is in immaculate condition and nobody is playing...I'd have the whole thing to myself yet my physical limitations are preventing me from doing either one. Ach!

Has the reader gotten the idea yet that I am not the most patient of people?! It's torture but I have been really heading the guidelines for my recovery from stomach surgery and I do not want to mess things up so I will have to wait.

Last week wed. I saw the surgeon and I just had to ask him about golf, etc. I was bracing myself for him to say 4-6 weeks or something in that ballpark. imagine my surprise when he said lets give it 2 weeks. I was ecstatic, to say the least. For now I just have to settle for long walks and just trying to be as active as I can with out hurting myself. the time has been going pretty fast.

I thinks it is obvious that I have switched my obsessiveness for those things over to something I can do without violating my healing: Blogging. Yep I have gone nuts the last couple of days, changing formats, color schemes installing a new comment system. Well I have to do something to keep me out of trouble, don't I?!

So it's now time for coffee, a shower then a nice little stroll around the island. Care to join me?!