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Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Really Need Help!

Whew, it has been a rather exhausting day yet I haven't done too much physical exercise so that can't be the reason I'm so beat. Is it just me or does thinking use more energy once you get older? I am inclined after a day like today to think maybe it does! I don't know it could be that I'm just feeling fatigue as a result of inadequate sleep, a lot of eating sugar based food/drinks...a little here a little there and I'm always on the go so I'm slamming coffee for fuel to the tune of 6-8 cups per hour....kidding! 6-8 cups a day....

I try to maintain a fairly healthy lifestyle but fall short and I suffer for it. I don't always feel truly sick but I'm just not feeling up to par either: tired, sluggish, nauseous. I really feel a bit frustrated that I cannot seem to find a happy median physically. I strongly suspect that my diet is really affecting me negatively and I don't know what to do.

I am on a decent physical regimen, at least two daily walks of 2-4 miles each, an active day of errands and usually i'll play a bit of golf. The golf doesn't count too much as exercise because I ride in a cart and as I've stated, I play a rather "Light Hitting" version because I'm limited by my disability but I do stretch out my upper body with my swinging so it does help some. I do not ride the X (exercise bike) in the Spring, Summer and Fall because I would rather be outside. I have a bike but I cannot really ride because of my back injury and the lack of feeling in both of my legs and feet (neuropothy).

I can't help but feel that in the end, it is the my daily diet that is holding me back and frankly almost making me sick. When I have tried to eat a lighter, more fruit and vegetable oriented diet with fish or chicken it causes me to get shaky and light headed. I believe that is a reaction related to certain medications I take so I over eat to compensate then feel sluggish, full and nauseous. I can't seem to figure it out.

In this area we have the Creative Heath Institute which focuses on Livings Foods which rely heavily on a Wheat Grass based diet. I would really like to give their 10 day program a try to completely change my whole perception of food, health and it's relation to me spiritually. But that program is expensive and their is no way I can really afford it.

When I have tried similar things on my own, getting products and vitamins from the health food store I can't seem to do it consistently, properly and comprehensively so I usually get sick. A residential "immersion" seems likely to be the best scenario but again, it isn't going to happen so I might as well just stick with my slim fast and ice cream diet, haha! One issue I forgot to mention is, post stomach surgery I can really only comfortably eat ice cream, some soggy cereal, drink Coca-Cola and liquid drinks like Slim fast so I'm not really kidding. That is my diet right now and I believe it is making me ill (and probably diabetic as well).

So any suggestions? I feel like I am trapped in this unhealthy situation with out the proper knowledge, tools and discipline to make the kind of change in my life that I need to make. I guess that is another way of saying I feel a little lost, a bit adrift without direction. So what do I do when I lack direction? I resort to my old ways and the vicious circle of un-healthy eating and feeling like crap continues.

OK what do I do?