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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy CRAPPIN' Sunday to you Too!

Now how in the world am I supposed to compete with an awesome post title like: Sunday Morning Happy Crap!? My blog buddy Spockgirl over on her blog Spockgirl Musings hit me with that lovely post title this morning. It brought a huge smile to my face when I saw the list of new post titles that pop up on Blogger's Dashboard from last night/early this morning.
The other day, this past Thursday to be exact, Blogger was down for the entire day and this is exactly the kind of thing I really missed seeing. At first I was thinking that I am way too obsessed with this blog thing because I was kind of freaked out that the system was down. Then there was the very real prospect that some of our posts and comments had disappeared, possibly for good. And that really bothered me so I was pretty worked up about the whole thing.

So my early conclusion was I have to stop blogging, this is ridiculous. But I also realized there were a lot of good things that I was missing as well. Shell Shock, though it exists in the public domain is essentially a daily journal for me. And because it is public, not in spite of it I tend to reach deeper in my writing. I don't want to stop doing that.

The blog also serves the very real and to me important role of reaching out to others in recovery or those trying to heal from sexual abuse or assault. That is a very important aspect of my recovery today and that isn't going to change. I also just get a sense of satisfaction from posting and yea, I enjoy it. It's challenging and I have fun. Plus I hope I'm improving my writing skills with every post (The jury is still out on that one?!).

The bottom line is I had way more to lose then to gain by giving up on the blog. So the decision was really no decision at all, I wanted to blog and that is what I've chosen to do.

So I'm stealing SG's post title or at least part of it because I really like the two words happy and crap used together. I do not know why, they just work for me. So the theme for my day today is definately going to be Happy Crap...

As in: "Well I'll take a Happy Crap Martha, your absolutely right, that is a double rainbow!". Or "you can take all your Happy Crap and stick it where the sun don't shine". Er...ah, well that wasn't quite what I was looking for. How about just substituting Happy Crap for Holy Crap? That's not a bad alternative, is it!? Like: Happy Freaking Crap Billy Bob, that's the biggest darn Catfish I've ever seen in this lake...".

Now that works just great, doesn't it. I think I may be on to something here and all thanks to Spockgirl. You got me all fired up with one Happy Crappin' post! Happy Crap I'm feeling pretty good right now. I hope every reader out there is feeling as happy about THEIR crap as I am right now.

Well I need to finish getting dressed, then pack all my happy crap into the car and head off to church. They have a whole roomful of Joyful Happy Crappin' Folks over there so I should fit right in!