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Friday, May 27, 2011

Lakeside LIVE, Smiles Inside!

Today was a good one as far as days go. It just felt the right way all day long, it "wore well" like a favorite old jean jacket that you still really like to wear...and surprisingly still fits!

It was quite busy and began with the flooring guys here right at 6:30a to get going on new wood floors for the main lower level hallways and the kitchen/dinning area. Naturally, I was up (I had been since before 4am) so I let 'em in and helped them to get acclimated, organized and off and running. My folks and I had spent several hours yesterday getting things packed/ put away...we had to move every piece of furniture off the floor and empty out the Herman Miller Eames CSS Unit Fixed Wall Storage Components so they could jack it up to get the wood under the posts. That was a real job because those shelves were full of china and wine glasses, Champagne Flutes, and assorted crystal pieces. There was no way we could leave it in there.

But it's been worth it...the floor looks amazing. They got the main hallways and kitchen done but the transition pieces were in so they couldn't have finished anyway. But they got those rooms all but complete so we could bring the furniture back in which is nice for the long holiday weekend.

I have a buddy's Mom's funeral tomorrow, visitation at 9a and the funeral to follow at 11a. Plus I'm helping a friend do a few thing first thing in the am (6 to be exact!) at his golf course so it's going to be a fast paced morning. The afternoon mellows out some but we have plans with some friends visiting.

The weather is going to be low 70's tomorrow, with no real chance of rain and then Sunday through Tuesday the highs will be around 90 degrees! That will be nice....

I had a cool visit today at the Nursing Home with the director of volunteers. They basically have 3 regular volunteers for that whole place! And none of them are men in a facility that is over 50% men...needless to say there is a NEED, a big one and I'm going to start this Sunday with a 1:15p church service which is run local churches and rotates each week to a different church. This week happens to be Lockwood CC, which happens to be mine so it's kind of nice that works out.

It looks like I am going to help out with some current activities to start then as I get to know folks possibly branch into some one to one time. I love reading out loud and that is something I've enjoyed doing in the past so perhaps that will catch on here as well.

There is a men's community breakfast held at Coldwater's Senior Center but there hasn't been a guy to take the men over there. Kelli, the volunteer director has gone with them a couple of times but she says the older gentlemen feel weird going there with the only woman in the crowd. I think by default I may get to be involved with that next month.

It was fun today, i got to meet a lot of really neat people so i'm sure you'll get more stories about this as time goes on...

So basically with all that going on today, it was one of those times I could feel my belly smiling, it radiates right through me as if I was smiling inside, which I most certainly was!

So though this is a rather busy holiday weekend and we don't have family coming (which is somewhat unusual but more typical now that my kids and my sis's kids are grown up) so it will be a working weekend kind of thing.

This is your friendly, lakeside reporter with the late Friday afternoon, slap-happy update live from Iyopawa Island, Coldwater Lake...Michigan now signing off, until we meet again, hold on tight my friends, hold on tight....