Cool Stuff

Friday, May 13, 2011


A heavy rain passed through and we had about 35 minutes of hard, soaking rain coming straight down out of the sky. No wind, just perfectly calm wind-wise and just plenty of good hard rain. We needed it. I had just burned a gigantic pile of sticks and logs with a little brush. All remnants from the Ice Storm we had late this past winter.

The flames shot 25' in the air but it was a sight to see. Of course I didn't bring my my phone so Idon't have pictures but take my word for it, wow! Then after it burned as if on cue the rain moved in. Funny but I felt purged and cleansed myself! Fire and Rain...

So it's been kind of a spiritually mysterious day and I mean that in a good way. I've just felt really connected to stuff and to God. Those moments, at least for me are really rare. But I'll take 'em whenever they happen to's special.

Early this afternoon a few of us were talking with a guy who is new to recovery. He is really hurting and kind of feeling sorry for himself. He has been sober a week and I think he really expected to be feeling pretty good by now and is surprised he still craves booze so much, he is hanging on by a thread right now. A single, frayed, solitary thread...been there myself! I just didn't really have the heart to tell him that it could take a long time for that craving to diminish. He just needs to keep on hanging on. I really think he is doing better then he thinks he is and thats true of a lot of new folks. They don't understand how. Heck, he has already stayed sober a week and though he has been miserable, thats has long as he has been sober in a long, long time.

His position isn't unusual, a lot of folks feel that way when they first start trying to stay sober..they feel like they aren't making any progress at all because they don't feel that great right now even though they are. If getting and staying sober was easy, then everyone would be sober and we wouldn't have struggles to get sober. Again, I hope he hangs in there, the more time he puts under his belt, his head will clear, he'll begin to feel better then stuff will start to make sense.

That is one of the coolest things to see with new people to recovery. Thats when the light bulb comes on and they start to realize "hey, I can do this!". That is like seeing a miracle happen right in front of your is simply incredible!