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Saturday, May 7, 2011


OK I will admit this is going to seem a bit strange to go from posting on such a serious subject as rape to complaining about the fact that I cannot get a simple I-Pod Nano to freaking work but there it is...Ach, I am so frustrated right now i could scream.
I do not detail with certain things in life very well, I get obsessive and their continued fail to work the way I expect them to really bothers me. The darn thing worked fine all day as I ripped CD's to it. It excepted the synching up and everything was grand. I had never really done that before (i know, pathetic!) but I was enjoying it. Periodically I'd run the I-Pod out to the car and it worked out there as well. Then it wouldn't synch or even show up on the computer while my I-Pod shuffle still did. then it wouldn't work in the car so 4 hrs of work for nothing and I just can't let it go.

I dipped around with the thing for hours trying to get it to work. It plays through an ear-piece, it charges on the computer so it is working, just not the way it's suppose to. I have let this thing get into my head and it's ruined my freaking day...ridiculous I know! But I don't know what to do, now i have no I-Pod for the car and I surely can't afford to run out and buy one right now.

Alright enough already! it's weird but in a lot of ways i can keep things in prospective but in some cases I blow things all out of proportion and it drives me up a freaking wall like it has all afternoon.

So...unless there is some sort of I-Pod Fairy out there that floats around just waiting for I-Pod Users in distress, I'm shit outta luck! Go Figure!