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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Been on the road all weekend..Battlde Creek Friday..Dayton Ohio yesterday and back, now just passed through K-Zoo on the way to Holland MI and K-Sue's son's grad party....

I enjoyed seing Angela and Jason get married last night. The wedding and reception were both in the.same space,  it was elegant and very well done. The Episcopal Service brought back memories of the past. The Priest sat at our table and she has known lleAngie for awhile..I've never know a Reverand who was into Roller Derby before, she was a riot tatoos and all!

So its been a good weekend...Ill drop K off at her sister's house then turn around and drive back to the lake.. I just wish I had been a litlle more recovered from my stomach surgery. I couldn't reall eat much and I feel rather poorly right now but what can one do except keep, keeping on!

Next stop the Tulip City the HOME!