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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Whisper In The Wind

Flying, soaring high above the landscape..treetops shrink from view: the clouds, cotton ball puffs of white light noise make for high tolerance yet a low ceiling and still, I rise...only this time, I'll continue...

What's it mean? I dunno. I know I just wrote it and just 30 minutes ago while I was meditating those words came a-floatin' in on a wave of thought but only the words themselves came, not the definition of what it meant. And I still don't have an explanation now...just a bemused smirk face I'm sure, 'cause this is so typical of me.

As regular readers know, I've experienced a rather significant period of spiritual enlightenment and growth lately. As a part of that experience, I've really focused in on listening to what goes on around me and I generally take time out of my day to meditate. I have had moments where I have felt directly plugged in to my Creator. I knew what I was sensing, feeling and even hearing was coming right from the source though the sound I thought I was actually hearing was the wind, whistling through the trees. A whisper...

Artist: Leonid Afremov

That has been the weird and complicated aspect of all this spiritual stuff because my skeptical mind can still creep in and I begin to doubt what I'm feeling. I've never been one to be physically still for any length of time. I'm easily distracted, fidgety and just full of energy. Finding the ability to "be still" and listen has been a challenge and the moments that I do achieve it are gone as quickly as they come.

The experience is still breathtaking because it has been during those fleeting moments that I feel connected to every other living thing on the planet and I believe only God has the ability to make such a connection. Hence my belief that I'm locked into a very personal connection w/my Creator.

I know, I's goof ball stuff and just a bit hard to swallow. It was for me too but I've heard other people speak of a higher consciousness, so whats the difference here? Honestly I could legitimately call these moments of pure serenity and that would be accurate as well. And perhaps that is what it is...

All I know is that it's good, it's rare and I find it simply an amazing place to be where I'm so tuned into something that I simply cease to least for that moment.

And perhaps I am simply achieving a highly meditative state of mind. That could be it too, because it is in such contrast to the paranoid, obsessive, fidgety drug addict guy that I used to be that I'm just simply stunned by the experience. Again the only answer I really have to all of this is: I dunno!