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Thursday, May 26, 2011


I'm killing my momentum, my energy maybe even myself with my lousy diet and lack of concern for my health as it relates to my eating habits. Did I get that message across with all the pics on my last post?!

I know, it was overkill..I was playing the emotion card but I truly am at a loss and I'm not happy that this is an aspect of my life that I don't seem to apply the recovery principles that I talk about so much here on the blog to change my eating habits. Is it just HABIT? Or am I lazy and don't want to take the time to cook?No I don't think I'm lazy...I'm not buying that one because I really don't mind chopping veggies or making good meals. Plus, I am not the main cook in this household so I can't really claim laziness when I don't have to cook...
Oh well, it does go to show how inter-twined all aspects of my life are...they really tend to impact one another and my body is lacking energy, because of that I don't feel well. When I do not feel well, my spiritual, emotional and psychological well being starts to diminish and it becomes a vicious circle feeding of itself...I can't afford to go there today.

So it is a struggle but I will say that I do see it as an advantage that I am aware of issues such as this today. Often I will recognize such issues and at least be aware that they are impacting me and work through them before I get hurt to badly. Unfortunately this issue is really a troubling one already but it was good to discuss it on the SHOCK and even though I had NO intention I'm discussing again right now.

I feel bloated, the doctors thought that was a side affect of the stuff going on with my stomach but I think it's Ice Cream BLOAT myself! I feel like sticking my gut with a pin and letting all the blubber and air out....Eeewww, I know but I'm feeling pissy because I haven't had any success with this problem so I guess I'm trying to SHAME myself into action...It isn't working because I'm craving I.C. right now...