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Monday, May 16, 2011


Time....I have some time on my hands this morning as I wait downtown until noon. I have quite a few new activities I'm involved in and that's a good thing. Yet it is my nature to keep generating ideas and try to facilitate change. And its that habit of mine that often gets me in trouble.

So as I sit here I'm thinking about one thing or another and it all starts feeling like trouble to to me. I do not leave well enough alone very well. If I'm doing 6 things then I figure 10 thingvs would be even better.
A huge contributing factor in all this is the changes in my life have had a really positive affect on me and that pumps me up and emcourages me to I suppose that is al good thing as long as I don't get carried away and that's an issue because getting caried away is something I'm really good at.

I guess all I can do is my best and remember to keep things in perspective and listen to that little inner usually keeps me centered and balanced.

I think some of this motivation comes frm missing that old life style of chaos and high energy so I seek to replicate in a different way in recovery. Oh well this could be fun...