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Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Body SPEAKS...

I was all stoked about going to church this morning. To get out for a little while (friends were going to take me and bring me home after an hour) and just get to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. I will admit it, they make a huge difference. There would have been a time I would have laughed at that notion...I'm NOT laughing now!

But my body had other ideas, of course. I'm doing all right..I'm quite sore, still running a bit of a low grade fever and yea, I still feel like I got run over by a bus. But overall I'm hanging in there and making good progress. I just need to do a better job at listening to what my body is telling me and not go to far when I'm doing stuff.

What my body said specifically to me this morning was: "I (Your Body) don't think it's such a brilliant idea for you (and Me, your Body) to go sit in a public place for over an hour plus car rides when you have a volatile mix of Constipation followed by explosive Diarrhea. I'm just saying..." I think the old body probably has a good point there so I called off the rides and decided I was probably a bit better off just staying home today...

It was definitely a wise choice because I've already spent the lion's share of the morning in the bathroom already. OK, enough "potty talk"...

I'm not sure what I'm going to do now that I won't have as many physical problems holding me back physically. I am still disabled but I've learned over the years that you don't have to be miserable just because you have some severe pain and mobility issues...You really can live with all that stuff, I've done it in some form or fashion for 16-17 years.

I feel more empowered now as I've gotten older, I know my body better ( You have already seen me have a full blown conversation with it, lol!) and it's limitation. Prayer and meditation have improved that connection and it just feels better. I have some serious back surgery to consider and frankly, I think I need to go ahead and proceed with it. My quality of life will eventually deteriorate if I don't put a physical limitation in there by getting Fusion Surgery done, something I've held off on doing for a long time. I am really starting to feel that the time is right.

But those thoughts are for another is going to be pleasant enough this afternoon if the weather forecast holds up. Right now, I need to get some rest...though I'm sleeping pretty darn well at night I'm stii fatigued so off to LALA Land I go!


  1. I saw the title of this post on my blog roll and my mind automatically went to farts. Listen, Thom, there's no such thing as too much potty talk. The human body is hilarious and should be laughed at when it does things that are loud and stinky. But as I write that, I realize, I MIGHT be in the minority with my point of view. Im glad you are recovering and got it some spiritual connection today. Sorry about the poops and the soreness though. I highly recommend filling your healing time with comedies. Good for the mind and spirit. If you need recommendations, just holla with an email. Comedies are my theatric genre of choice.

  2. Sunny...If that is true about likers of "potty Speak" being in the minority then I'm right there with you. It has always been acceptable to fart in my family (Except my Mum isn't that thrilled about it) and talk (or boast) about it afterward. My Maternal Grandmother, Victorian to the Core in almost all aspects of her life would even crack an evil grin when my dad would squeak out a little gas and innocently ask us kids: "Where's the Cricket?!".

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