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Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Important To Me!

Today I have really covered the entire spectrum of emotions related to the various topics I typically post on here. Some of them were here on Shell Shock in today's posts but I also read and comment on several other blogs as well. I often feel like I am not able to give adequate time and attention to all of the subjects that pop up or the countless other great blogs I subscribe to here on Blogger, etc.

I really try to comment on every post that moves me enough to write but once and awhile the words just won't seem to come...then I feel like I'm short changing the author. Ach, I have to realize that there are times that I have to realize that I cannot do it all, I am human. I am just really passionate about blogging and when I feel moved by the author I like to be able to give something back. It shows my interest and my appreciation for their effort. Blogging isn't easy for most of us. I tend to read a lot of blogs that share similarities with Shell Shock Serenade in that they are personal and emotional, typically intense as well. I also read a wide variety of other types as well the similarities being intelligent commentary and really good writing. I have been a reader all my life so I have come to just expect good writing.

So what is the point to tonights post? Just that I often feel, sort of like I do now that I can run thin on time and don't always get a chance to really show how much I appreciate the blogs and posts I read. They matter to me and I can't always do them justice. I suppose there is a bit of guilt there but I realize it's totally unrealistic to expect that i respond to every blog post I read so i'm showing my appreciation right now with this very post!

So thats about it. I guess that whole thing was weighing a bit more on my mind then I realized! So I love the writers whose work i read regularly here on Blogger. You're the best and if I can't always get it together enough to share it with you when you post it please know i do think highly of the work....