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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Wow, that was some kind of morning that i just had. As I mentioned in the previous post..I went to a funeral home today and said goodbye to Mrs Juanita "Nita" Norris (Mrs Norris). I had a nice visit with her son Denny and some other family members who were in town for the funeral. I also had a nice little "chat' with Mrs Norris too...she looked very peaceful and she is no longer sick. that is a comfort to me and others I'm sure.

Then after leaving the funeral home I participated in something I never thought I would do. I sat for an hour with 8-10 other folks and we prayed and meditated quietly and out load for the community, the world, the sick, the poor, addicts, the name it: education, healthcare churches, peace...we prayed for it. It was an incredible experience.

Not too long ago I would have though any one who would do such a thing was a complete nut! Again it's the power of the unspoken, of people together for a purpose. It doesn't have to be religious. Now I didn't bring this up to boast, far from it...I just can't believe that participated and frankly it was an honor to do so. I would certainly be willing to do it at the next monthly meeting in June. The group is made up from people of any church or spiritual background. Whoever wants to pray can show up and pray. It was an incredibly spiritual experience for me and I left there feeling very peaceful.

All I can say is I still am amazed at this spiritual journey I have been on as of late, it's just incredible. So I feel pretty connected to my Creator at the moment and that feels really special because I spent so many years feeling detached and alone, hopeless and forgotten. So this feeling of knowing who my Creator is and communicating to him is just intense. I know, NUT Job, right. hey I would have thought it myself not to long ago.

All I can say is I've lived on both sides of the spectrum, I'll take life on this side any minute, any second of any day. I highly recommend it...