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Sunday, May 1, 2011


Safe & Healthy Liquid Diets
I can't help but feel a little listless this evening. I want to do more but it's obvious that putting too much stress on the old body is not good. Eating is a drag, I really feel like eating, like I can eat anything. It is a HUGE NO NO. I've been able to create some blended concoctions that aren't bad and don't violate the rules.

My stomach is just fine, so it's getting it (The food) past the surgical area in my esophagus without anything getting stuck there. So far it has gone through that spot quite smoothly so no problems at all. It would be easy to get carried away though and eat stuff I shouldn't so I'm pleased with how it's going. Bacon sounds so freaking good right now!

But hey, the clocks running and this healing thing is mostly about TIME, it usually is. So I just need to stick to the plan...I have plenty of liquid/soft food stuff stocked away though it isn't very exciting fare, it fills me up which is the point.

So I'll continue to drink my meals until I here differently. I see the Doc on Wednesday and will find out the next step in the process then. I'm naturally curious about what I can eat and what I can do. I can pretty much do anything, within reason like walk so that is awesome. So I'll continue to walk and drink the day away. Until later....

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