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Monday, May 30, 2011

Getting To Work... Relaxing.

It is 8:48am and it already has been a full and productive day. Chores are done, the cat fed/watered and litter box taken care of...oh yea played golf at 6am. I just love playing early and watching the sun rise over the 4th fairway.

I have to really take it easy out there because I can't afford a setback in my recovery from stomach surgery and I will admit that it has been a bit "touchy" lately. I just haven't felt very good and it can bee discouraging...I have to watch it anyway when I golf because of my back, hips, knee and feet. But typically that is just me having to deal with pain and just take it easy. I'll never be able to play a full on, hard hitting game but I do well enough, it's good exercise and I have fun.

Plus socially it got me outside here on the island and I met a lot of really great folks. It just freaks me out some because I was always such a loner and now i know everyone here. And what is funnier yet is everybody seems to actually enjoy my company! Ha, I never would have guessed and it's a pretty nice change.

It also shows how I've changed, how things really have come together and that humbles me. I am so grateful for my sobriety and the kind of spiritual life I never EVER thought I would have. It's really freakin' cool...

I think I may head into town to hook up with a few buddies in recovery but other then that, I don't think I'm planning on doing much today. Nap, walk and re-charge my batteries...that is my agenda..oh, perhaps have a bit of a swim. The lake is freaking freezing but it's refreshing....

So I'm going to get on with my relaxing so see 'ya around, my dear blog reading com-padres!